"There is disagreement amongst court scribes regarding the Oxford comma. Some say both are right and none are wrong. I say to you: in lists as in life, ambiguity is a great destroyer, and a weak foundation to build meaning upon. A pause, a breath, betwixt two list items may seem a mere pebble in the desert of history, but its absence can topple empires. The Oxford comma is the way."

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Weird Al Yankovic has a parody of “Blurred Lines” called “Word Crimes,” and it’s about language.  

The thing is, I wish I could believe that Weird Al was writing a sendup of people who make ridiculous prescriptive complaints about language with a few bonus grammatical terms. I wish I could believe that disliking hyperbolic “literally” or making a firm distinction between its and it’s was a harmless foible, just like hating the word “moist” or loving the sound of “cellar door.” I wish I could believe that everyone watching this video had progressed to ironic meta-prescriptivism, where we make fun of the people who make these judgements because we are accepting, even excited, about linguistic variation. I mean, it’s a catchy song, and dancing typography is pretty adorable.

But I can’t, because it’s not true. 

I’m not going to get into all the problems with prescriptivism here: beyond denying people job opportunities and fair treatment in courtI have six whole pages of posts in my archive that already do that.  But let’s take this opportunity to renew our determination to work towards a world in which videos like Word Crimes can be funny: because everyone recognizes that no one actually believes any of this stuff. 

(Sidenote: as the person who wrote a grammar of doge, I’m pretty baffled that whoever was making the music video at 0:54 thought that this was an example of doge. Just because it’s a genre that’s associated with Kids These Days doesn’t mean it doesn’t have conventions. Such fail. Wow.)


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Here’s an article I wrote about diversity and marketing in comic books! It’s already making racist fans mad, so I know I’m doing something right. 

Look, barbotrobot and justcrushingit, my non-Flea comic-books-minded friend! She is smart and thoughtful.

Wow. Just wow.





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"Who Doth Inhabit the Primary Position?"

Reblogging this gem because apparently y’all didn’t hear me the first time.

oh my god oh my god oh my GOD

Matt this would be the greatest party trick ever

thesejokesdontcount said: I think this whole transition with the ads is really cool, and I like that you're doing it. However, seeing people make it their business to know what exactly you do with however much money you make kind of irks me. Nerdfighters can be so enlightened and caring, but does it ever frustrate you how intrusive they can be, analyzing every statement you make and now even analyzing your money?


No. I see our business as being owned by Nerdfighteria more than it is owned by me. If I have an unofficial board of directors with 200,000 passionate, caring people on it, that’s fine with me.